Sita Merten

Mini Bio

  •  I was born in Brussels on a Friday, during the summer of 1985.
  • In 1989 I painted my first “abstract painting”, as I titled it (still hanging in my Mom’s staircase)
  •  From 1991 to 1998, I was “the good drawer” of the class, which compensated for being quite bad at reading and even worse with maths!
  •  In 2000 I went to a new high school where a good Art option was available : 10 hours a week of happiness!
  • 2003 : I took a year off to travel around Europe and settled a few months in Barcelona where I took Daniel Scott‘s drawing classes and learned Spanish.
  • 2004 : Back in Brussels… I started my drawing studies at La Cambre, National School of Visual Arts where I spent 5 years (including an “Erasmus” year at the Fine Arts School of Athens, Greece)
  • 2009 : I graduated from La Cambre with a Master’s degree in Visual Arts – drawing section + Teaching certificate.
  • 2010 : I spent a  year teaching Arts in Ireland and then traveled in South America. Also taught in Frankfurt Germany, before returning to Brussels to settle down, working as an illustrator & Art program facilitator at Tilt (Expression & Creativity Centre for kids)
  • 2012 : Started learning about printing and specialized in Aquatint technique at Monique Dohy’s printing studio (Fine Arts Academy of Wavre)
  • I became a mom in 2019. It’s extremely fun but it takes up a lot of my time !
  • In 2020 lockdown inspired me to start a new artistic project : Silent Morning Tattoo. I became From Sky to Skin Tattoo‘s aprentice and then worked at Tattoo Studio Because in Brussels for a year before opening a private studio with two other artists in the european neighbourhood.